Buying a New Home

When you buy a new house using Florida Rebate Real Estate you will get a rebate check within 7 days after closing, usually thousands of dollars. That’s right, you, the real estate buyer, actually get money back.

Florida Rebate Real Estate splits the seller paid commission with our homebuyers. The amount of the rebate varies according to the actual commission receives from the seller. This information is fully disclosed with all buyers.

Estimate Your Rebate

The rebate in the chart below is based on the seller (or builder) paying Buyer Rebates Realty a 3% commission. This is determined in the MLS or by a new home builder.

Sales Price Your Rebate
$150,000 $2,250
$250,000 $3,750
$500,000 $7,500
$1,000,000 $15,000

Follow this link which is from the US. Department of Justice on rebates on real estate:

To calculate the rebate, use this:

The rebate also applies to new home construction. We can only provide this rebate if you let us represent you in the new home sale. You will need to inform the home builders sales office on your FIRST visit that you are represented by a FL Real Estate Broker. This must be registered with the builder in order for the rebate on new home construction.

Make sure to fill out the contact form so I can discuss this form of representation with you personally.

How does an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) differ from other buyer’s representatives?

An ABR® is a buyer’s representative who has completed advanced training and who has proven experience in serving the special needs of buyer-clients. In addition to knowing the dynamics of their local market, an ABR®-designated buyer’s rep can help you make informed decisions throughout the entire new home buying process. An ABR® is also a REALTOR® (a member of the NAR) and must abide by a strict code of ethics.

What services are provided by a buyer’s representative?

If you’ve established an agency relationship with a buyer’s representative, common services include:

  • Helping you clarify your priorities.
  • Suggesting sources of financing and other service professionals, such as inspectors and exterminators.
  • Providing sources of accurate and lawful information on neighborhoods, schools, and communities.
  • Selecting and arranging property showings.
  • Evaluating particular properties.
  • Explaining forms and agreements.
  • Suggesting contract contingencies to protect you, rather than the seller.
  • Assisting in the negotiations for a favorable price and terms.
  • Keeping all information confidential that could weaken your bargaining position.
  • Monitoring the entire purchase process, assisting with issues that arise through closing.